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Master answered, “Immediately carry into practice what

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Fragment #17 -- Pausanias, iv. 2. 7: The poet of the "Cypria" says that the wife of Protesilaus -- who, when the Hellenes reached the Trojan shore, first dared to land -- was called Polydora, and was the daughter of Meleager, the son of Oeneus.

Master answered, “Immediately carry into practice what

Fragment #18 -- Eustathius, 119. 4: Some relate that Chryseis was taken from Hypoplacian (6) Thebes, and that she had not taken refuge there nor gone there to sacrifice to Artemis, as the author of the "Cypria" states, but was simply a fellow townswoman of Andromache.

Master answered, “Immediately carry into practice what

Fragment #19 -- Pausanias, x. 31. 2: I know, because I have read it in the epic "Cypria", that Palamedes was drowned when he had gone out fishing, and that it was Diomedes and Odysseus who caused his death.

Master answered, “Immediately carry into practice what

Fragment #20 -- Plato, Euthyphron, 12 A: `That it is Zeus who has done this, and brought all these things to pass, you do not like to say; for where fear is, there too is shame.'

Fragment #21 -- Herodian, On Peculiar Diction: `By him she conceived and bare the Gorgons, fearful monsters who lived in Sarpedon, a rocky island in deep-eddying Oceanus.'

Fragment #22 -- Clement of Alexandria, Stromateis vii. 2. 19: Again, Stasinus says: `He is a simple man who kills the father and lets the children live.'

(1) The preceding part of the Epic Cycle (?). (2) While the Greeks were sacrificing at Aulis, a serpent appeared and devoured eight young birds from their nest and lastly the mother of the brood. This was interpreted by Calchas to mean that the war would swallow up nine full years. Cp. "Iliad" ii, 299 ff. (3) i.e. Stasinus (or Hegesias: cp. fr. 6): the phrase `Cyprian histories' is equivalent to "The Cypria". (4) Cp. Allen "C.R." xxvii. 190. (5) These two lines possibly belong to the account of the feast given by Agamemnon at Lemnos. (6) sc. the Asiatic Thebes at the foot of Mt. Placius.

Fragment #1 -- Proclus, Chrestomathia, ii: The "Cypria", described in the preceding book, has its sequel in the "Iliad" of Homer, which is followed in turn by the five books of the "Aethiopis", the work of Arctinus of Miletus. Their contents are as follows. The Amazon Penthesileia, the daughter of Ares and of Thracian race, comes to aid the Trojans, and after showing great prowess, is killed by Achilles and buried by the Trojans. Achilles then slays Thersites for abusing and reviling him for his supposed love for Penthesileia. As a result a dispute arises amongst the Achaeans over the killing of Thersites, and Achilles sails to Lesbos and after sacrificing to Apollo, Artemis, and Leto, is purified by Odysseus from bloodshed.

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