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Confucius sat with him, and questioned him. “What,”

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"Some of the Red Cross ladies from up Craigswold way were here this morning, to have me nail that sign on the store," reported the postmaster. "They're making a tour of all the towns hereabouts. They asked me to try to int'rest folks at Hampton in their show, too, and get them to make entries. They left me a bunch of blanks. Want one?"

Confucius sat with him, and questioned him. “What,”

"Yep," said Link. "I guess I'll take one if it don't cost nothin', please."

Confucius sat with him, and questioned him. “What,”

He studied the proffered entry blank with totally uncomprehending gaze. The postmaster came to his relief.

Confucius sat with him, and questioned him. “What,”

"Let me show you," he suggested, taking pity on his customer's wrinkled brow and squinting helplessness. "I've had some experience in this folderol. I took my Airedale over to the Ridgewood show last spring and got a third with him. I'm going to take him up to Craigswold on Labor Day, too. What kind of dog is yours?"

"The dandiest dawg that ever stood on four legs," answered Link, afire with the zeal of ownership. "Why, that dawg of mine c'n--"

"What breed is he?" asked the postmaster, not interested in the dawning rhapsody.

"Oh--breed?" repeated Link. "Why, I don't rightly know. Some kind of a bird dawg, I guess. Yes. A bird dawg. But he's sure the grandest--"

"Is he the dog you had down here, one day last month?" asked the postmaster, with a gleam of recollection.

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